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Wipe Wisely: What are some of the best wet wipes?

Decoding the World of Baby Wipes: Navigating Choices for Delicate Skin 

A common question when it comes to choosing wet wipes—aren't they all just sheets with water? With over dozens of wet wipe brands worldwide, each claiming to be gentle on sensitive skin, the decision-making process is a puzzle. Let's look at what to consider when choosing wipes for a sensitive baby's skin:

Choosing Baby Wipes: The Must-Do

When it comes to babies, the choice of wipes goes beyond mere convenience. Here's a breakdown of crucial factors to consider:

1. Ingredients: Opt for baby wipes with natural moisturizing and skin care ingredients. Steer clear of wipes containing alcohol, fragrance, or excessive chemicals to minimize irritation to sensitive skin.



2.Texture: Select wipes that are soft, delicate, and moderately thick (minimum 50+ gsm) to avoid unnecessary friction and potential damage to the baby's skin. Ideally, choose the wipes with an embossing texture (textured surface).


Texture of a wipe

3.pH Value: Baby skin has a delicate pH balance. Choose neutral-pH wipes to reduce irritation and maintain the skin's natural equilibrium (no biocides).


Natural liquids


4. Brand Reputation: Opt for reputable brands known for their commitment to quality, safety, and comfort. Trusted brands often prioritize the well-being of babies through rigorous product standards. Always choose brands that have been dermatologically tested.


RICO Baby Sensitive

In summary, consider ingredients, texture, pH value, and brand reputation when choosing baby wipes to ensure the right product for your baby's delicate skin.

Additional Considerations for Informed Choices

1. Chemicals and Disinfectants: Some wipes may contain disinfectants and antibacterial agents (also called biocides). Carefully choose wipes and be cautious with those containing chemicals like benzalkonium chloride.

2. Base Materials: Evaluate the base materials used in wipes, such as non-woven fabric or wood pulp paper. Non-woven fabric is often preferable for its flexibility, lightweight nature, and non-toxic properties.

3. Preservatives: Be aware that preservatives are added to maintain hygiene, even if they are not explicitly mentioned on the label. Claims of "no preservatives added" may not always be reliable.

4. Safe Ingredients: Choose wipes free from alcohol, fluorescent agents, bleach, chemical fragrances, pigments, or other unsafe substances. Look for those labeled "fragrance-free" and "alcohol-free."


Korean Baby

Tips for Safe and Effective Use

1. Patch Test: Before using it on your baby, test wipes on your own skin to ensure there's no discomfort or allergic reaction.

2. Avoid Sensitive Areas: Refrain from directly wiping sensitive areas such as the eyes, ears, genitals, or damaged skin (unless you are using 100% water wipes, e.g., RICO Baby Oral Wipes).


3. Proper Disposal: Non-soluble wipes should not be flushed down the toilet to prevent sewer blockages.

4. Monitor Skin Health: If the baby's skin shows signs of irritation, swelling, redness, or itching, discontinue use and consult a doctor promptly.

5. Storage: Seal the wipe package after use to prevent drying due to exposure to high temperatures or direct sunlight. Make sure the package has a flip top (a plastic lid that can be opened and closed for extra sealing).


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