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Behind the Sheets: What is inside RICO Baby wet wipes?

Navigating the vast sea of baby products can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing the right wet wipes for your little one. We created a simple guide on what to consider when choosing wet wipes for sensitive skin (you can read this article here). If you decide to pick from RICO Baby, here we explain the difference between our three key products: RICO Baby Premium, Signature, and Sensitive.

We began working on our wet wipes formula in 1991, trying to perfect the delicate balance between ingredients, water content, additives, design, and various elements often overlooked by producers, but we know how much these little things mean when faced in the life of a young parent.

At RICO Baby, we pride ourselves on a set of universal benefits that elevate all our products:

1. Special Patented Folding Technique: Our unique folding technique prevents moisture from accumulating at the bottom of the pack, ensuring each sheet is equally moist.

2. Ultrapurified Water: Through a state-of-the-art 11-step patented process, we purify water to the highest standards, safeguarding sensitive skin areas from possible contamination.

3. Flip Top Design: Every RICO Baby product is equipped with a flip top (lid) and sticker inside to maintain moisture isolation and enhance convenience.

4. Organic/BIO Ingredients: We incorporate a variety of herbs into our wipes to aid skin recovery, prevent nappy rushes, and address the development of common disorders affecting delicate baby and elder skin.(Read more about the herbs.)

5. No Biocides and Alcohol: Our commitment to safety means our wipes are free from harmful chemicals.

6. All Korean-Made: From Research & Development to the production cycle we proudly maintain fully integrated production facilities in South Korea, adhering to the highest Korean skincare standards.


Exploring the RICO Baby Product Range:

1.RICO Baby Signature:

The world-renowned classic.

  • 65 GSM sheets ensure a gentle touch
  • Premium embossing enhances effective cleaning
  • Fermented ceramide offers hydration, reduces acne development and prevents breakouts

Our most well-known product, RICO Baby Signature, strikes the perfect balance between affordability and softness. The sheets, weighing 2.5–3 grams, ensure a gentle touch, while the premium embossing enhances effective cleaning. What sets RICO Baby Signature apart is the inclusion of fermented ceramide, a lipid that plays a crucial role in supporting the skin's barrier. Los Angeles-based dermatologist Courtney Rubin says "“Ceramides are lipids (fatty molecules) that serve an important function in helping to create and support the skin’s barrier." Ceramides occur naturally in the skin and help it stay hydrated, but they can also be applied topically to boost your moisture levels and repair dry, cracked skin. Additionally, Signature sheets feature special cotton embossing for easier cleaning, exerting less force on the skin to minimize disruption of the protective layer. With a thickness of around 65 grams per sheet, these sheets are both thick, soft and moist.

2.RICO Baby Sensitive:

Ideal for budget-conscious parents who refuse to compromise on quality.

  • 55 GSM sheets maintain quality with premium embossing
  • Micellar water provides the finest cleaning effect
  • Value pack with 80 sheets, perfect for the budget-conscious

Designed for budget-conscious parents who prioritize quality. RICO Baby Sensitive uses 11 steps of ultrapurified water at 99.9% water content, 55 GSM sheets with premium cotton embossing and a special additive-Micellar Water. We believe the inclusion of Micellar Water plays an important role, as a type of cleanser, allowing to gently remove substances that build up on the skin. This includes makeup, dirt, and oil.This value pack comes with 80 sheets, perfect for those who are mindful of their budget. The sheets, slightly thinner at 55 GSM (2–2.5 g per sheet) compared to Signature and Premium, still feature embossing and our patented pull-out technique.

3.RICO Baby Premium:

Our flagship product boasts extra thickness and a touch of luxury.

  • Extra sheet thickness at 75 GSM
  • The Aqua French Cream additive aids in skin regeneration and inflammation reduction

RICO Baby Premium: Our flagship product, RICO Baby Premium, boasts extra thickness with a touch of luxury. Having extra sheet thickness of 75 GSM, each of these sheets are over 3 grams heavy. You'll love how soft they are. The unique additive, Aqua French Cream, developed based on ultrapurified water, aids in skin regeneration and reduces inflammation. This flagship product is designed to provide the utmost care and moisturization to the skin, particularly beneficial for those who may have experienced damage during the cleaning process.


In summary, whether you choose RICO Baby Signature for its softness, RICO Baby Sensitive for budget-friendly quality, or RICO Baby Premium for a touch of luxury, each variant is thoughtfully crafted to meet the unique needs of your family. If you're interested in learning more about RICO Baby products, take a look at our article covering ingredients and our guide to choosing wet wipes for sensitive skin.

Here's to happy and healthy parenting!


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