RICO Bébé En Gros

Nous travaillons en partenariat avec des détaillants du monde entier, des grandes entreprises aux petits magasins. Dans notre parcours, nous visons à apporter qualité et soin à tous, y compris aux magasins d'articles pour bébés, aux supermarchés bio et aux chaînes internationales. RICO Baby offre une variété d'opportunités d'achat adaptées à la fois aux petites entreprises et aux besoins réguliers en gros des détaillants. Que vous soyez une petite entreprise ou une grande entreprise de vente au détail, nous avons des options adaptées à vos besoins en matière de quantité.

Hong Kong

Watsons Baby

A.S. Watson Group is the world's largest international health and beauty retailer, with over 16,100 stores in 28 markets, primarily in Asia and Europe.

United States of America

Costco Wholesale

Costco Wholesale is a multi-billion dollar global retailer with warehouse club operations in eight countries. Offers RICO Baby Wipes nationwide


Angel Baby

Medium Size baby supplies store, offering outmost quality products for pregnant women and newly born children.


Adertek Baby & Kids

Small luxury goods shop for pregnant women and newborn babies.



Family oriented chain of 60+ locations in Philippines. Focuses on general hygiene products and intimite hygiene



One of the leading online platform for family related products as well as a retail location in Malaysia

Partnering with RICO Baby: Your Questions Answered

Is RICO Baby really a Korean brand?

Absolutely, RICO Baby is a proudly Korean brand. Our production and research facilities are located in South Korea, and we adhere to the standards set by one of the most technologically advanced cosmetics and skincare industries in the world. Our commitment to quality and innovation reflects the excellence synonymous with Korean skincare practices.

What types of products does RICO Baby specialize in, and how can our store benefit from partnering with your brand?

RICO Baby specializes in baby wet wipes with a primary focus on sensitive skin and hygiene products for families. Partnering with us offers your store access to a range of quality products, catering to the needs of families.

Can you provide more details about the specific RICO Baby products available for the EU market, and how do they cater to different customer needs?

RICO Baby offers five distinct products for the EU market, including RICO Baby Premium, RICO Baby Signature, RICO Baby Sensitive, RICO Baby Ready to Flush, and RICO Baby Oral (100% Water) wipes. Each product is designed to address specific preferences and requirements, providing options for a diverse customer base.

How can medium-sized supermarkets, whether run independently or as part of a chain, benefit from partnering with RICO Baby?

Medium-sized supermarkets can benefit from attractive bulk offers on a regular basis, ensuring healthy profit margins. Offering RICO Baby products creates a loyal customer base, encouraging regular returns for additional purchases.

What support does RICO Baby offer to ensure that our store receives these attractive bulk offers and maintains healthy profit margins?

RICO Baby is committed to providing ongoing support to ensure your store receives regular attractive bulk offers, maintaining healthy profit margins. Our dedicated team works closely with partners to tailor offers that align with their business goals.

How does partnering with RICO Baby contribute to creating a loyal customer base, and what role do marketing efforts play in this process?

Partnering with RICO Baby contributes to a loyal customer base by offering quality products that families trust. Our marketing efforts, including collaborations with influencers, enhance brand visibility and attract a broader audience to your store.

I already sell other baby wipes, why should I pay for more options?

RICO Baby is a specialized line of products uniquely designed for sensitive and allergy-sensitive skin. Many mainstream brands in the market contain harmful ingredients, making hygiene a painful experience for users. On the other hand, some brands focus on creating healthy and ecologically friendly products but may lack comfort and design attributes necessary for a robust sales stream. RICO Baby bridges this gap by combining both factors, offering a compelling proposition for resellers and ensuring a positive experience for their customers.

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