Rappels et alertes de sécurité

Les résultats de l'étude établissent que RICO Baby Ready to Flush est soluble dans l'eau et ne présente aucun danger pour les systèmes d'égouts ou l'environnement.
RICO Baby Ready to Flush 60 Sheets - RICO BabyRICO Baby

Can RICO Wipes be flushed?

Due to an administrative oversight, Batch 1kt0623 of RICO Baby Ready to Flush carries the European label 'Plastic Inside, Do not flush,' referencing European Union Regulation (EU) 2020/2151 of 17 December 2020. This label is incongruent with the scientific evidence regarding the content of RICO Baby Ready to Flush, imported to the European Market. Independent research, study reference F690101/LF-CTSAYHA21-11859, conclusively affirmed the flushability of the product and confirmed the absence of plastic and microplastic within its sheets. The study results establish that RICO Baby Ready to Flush is water-soluble and does not pose any harm to sewage systems or the environment. Date of issue: 05.11.2021.