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RICO Baby Oral Wipes 100% Water 30 Sheets

RICO Baby Oral Wipes 100% Water 30 Sheets

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100% WATER, 0% additives, 0% conservatives, 0% plastic - only water. Filtred using 11 steps of filtration. We call it Ultrapurified Water! 

PACKED INDIVIDUALLY, as there are no additives or preservatives. We packed every sheet in an individually sealed package to avoid contamination. Take it anywhere and everywhere!

121 DEGREES STERILISED sheets, we use a high-pressure jet under 121 degrees to make sure nothing contaminates the tissues. 

SAFELY AND GENTLY apply to sensitive oral areas. Do not use normal wet wipes. Use only Oral wipes. Using the wrong wipes may contaminate the mouth, and cause infection or dental development for infants. 

RICO Oral Wipes with 100% water are the perfect solution for baby oral hygiene. Made out of organic cotton and ultra-purified water, they are designed to help reduce the breeding of bacteria in the mouth maintaining the highest levels of hygiene. Its individually air-tight sealed packaging makes it hygienic and convenient to carry around. Great for removing mucous, releasing phlegm and applying a solution to any area of the oral cavity.

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